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Olivine DER is a comprehensive distributed energy resource management system designed to lower costs and realize the value of DERs. It is used by utilities, demand response and other service providers, and resource owners providing solutions for distribution and transmission programs and services. This highly configurable system enables wholesale market and retail participation as well as operational simulation running the gamut from longer term capacity procurements down to real-time frequency regulation integration. The Olivine DER OpenADR module utilizes OpenADR 2.0b for standards-compliant integration with resources for control and telemetry.

Company Name: Olivine, Inc.
Brand Name of Product: Olivine DER
Product Model Name: Olivine DER
Product Website: Click here to view
Business Type: Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Small/Medium Business (SMB)
Product Type: VTN (Server)
Server Type: Cloud Based, Stand Alone
Hardware Version: na
Firmware Version: 1.0
OpenADR Profile: 2.0a+b
Security: Standard
Transport Protocol: Simple HTTP + XMPP
Pull and Push Mode: Pull and Push
Signed Declaration
of Conformity:
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