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Terawatt | TWINS OpenADR VEN

Terawatt provides convenient, reliable charging infrastructure that keeps your fleets running efficiently. We own, develop, operate, and maintain charging sites and operati…

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Honeywell International Inc. | Connected Power

Connected Power solution provides complete energy monitoring and control of plug-in appliances. Each outlet enables remote monitoring and control to help reduce energy cons…

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75F | 75F Control System

75F’s IoT-based Building Management System (BMS) with OpenADR compliance enables seamless participation in Demand Response (DR) programs. Acting as a Virtual End Node…

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LG Electronics | PREMTBB11 Standard III Wired Remote Controller

Zoned controller for use with LG single zone and multi-zone product lines. The controller is capable of receiving OpenADR commands when connected to an LG VEN. This product…

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