SWTCH provides end-to-end EV charging and energy management solutions. Our innovative platform optimizes EV charging usage to benefit EV charging station operators and drivers. Platform features include charger usage enforcement, simple billing, smart energy management, and open standards compliance. At SWTCH, we are committed to improving EV charging accessibility in order to realize the social, economic, and environmental benefits of widespread electric vehicle adoption.

Company Name: SWTCH Energy Inc.
Brand Name of Product: SWTCH OpenADR VEN
Product Model Name: SWTCH OpenADR VEN
Product Website: Click here to view
Business Type: Commercial, Residential, Small/Medium Business (SMB)
Product Type: VEN
Client Type: EV and EVSE, Gateway
Hardware Version: na
Firmware Version: 1.0
OpenADR Profile: 2.0b
Security: Standard
Transport Protocol: Simple HTTP
Pull and Push Mode: Pull
Signed Declaration
of Conformity:
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PICS Document: Click here to view
Test Report: Click here to view
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