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ISY994 Z Series is a proven, standalone, and full featured Automation and Energy Management System supporting off-the-shelf products/protocols such as INSTEON, Z-Wave, and ZigBee. OpenADR Web Services and REST based SDKs are available free of charge in our developer section: https://www.universal-devices.com/isy-developers/ .

Company Name: Universal Devices, Inc.
Brand Name of Product: ISY994Z
Product Model Name: ISY994Z
Product Website: Click here to view
Business Type: Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Small/Medium Business (SMB)
Product Type: VEN (client)
Client Type: BMS, EMS, Gateway
Hardware Version: OADR2B_21
Firmware Version: OADR2B_21
OpenADR Profile: 2.0b
Security: Standard
Transport Protocol: Simple HTTP
Pull and Push Mode: Pull and Push
Signed Declaration
of Conformity:
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PICS Document: Click here to view
Test Report: Click here to view
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